The 2 Traits of Introverts Who Excel in “Extroverted” Careers

The 2 Traits of Introverts Who Excel in “Extroverted” Careers

When you’re an introvert browsing job listings, you might think something along these lines: Must avoid all sales jobs. Absolutely nothing client-facing. Actually, anything that’ll put me in the spotlight at all is a “No.”

And that’s a totally understandable attitude, as many introverts find themselves drained after hours of interaction with people. It’s natural to want to work where you’ll be most comfortable, and for some, that’s without question a quiet environment with limited face-time (think computer programming, accounting, engineering, or writing).

However, if you’re curious about certain other fields—ones that are considered traditionally extroverted—but have been reluctant to pursue opportunities, take heart. Before you write off that client-facing sales role or people-forward human resources position, you should know that plenty of introverted people thrive in so-called “extroverted” positions.

I spoke with a few of my Muse co-workers about how they manage to enjoy and excel in their social-heavy roles.  (Check out what Nina learned by clicking here)

By Jordan Smith
Jordan Smith Senior Career Consultant