Combining Your Interest in Writing & Science

There are many professions out there that require strong writing skills, but what about a combination of writing skills and scientific knowledge? If you have a passion for writing and editing, and a background in science or engineering, one career field you may consider is technical writing. 

Technical writers write or draft communication used in technical fields. This could include fields like medicine, consumer electronics, biotechnology, physics, chemistry, engineering, computer hardware, software, robotics, and many other scientific and technical fields. 

Watch this 2 minute video to learn more about technical writing from technical writer Deja, who works for the Indiana Department of Transportation.

[Description: Deja is a Technical Writer with the Indiana Department of Transportation. Based out of Indianapolis, Deja writes and edits job proposals for projects ranging from routine traffic light maintenance to major highway construction. She urges interested students to get involved with their school’s newspaper and to write as much as possible, whether it be news articles, press releases, or any other kind of technical writing. To see more videos, search for Candid Career in the resources on]

Technical writers often work on instruction manuals, journal articles, how-to guides and other written materials needed to clearly communicate technical information. The Occupational Outlook Handbook provides this resource on technical writing if you’d like to learn more about the skills and education required, work environments, and related occupations. You can also check-out the technical writing page on O*Net to learn more about becoming a technical writer.

By Erica Kryst
Erica Kryst Senior Associate Director, Career Experiences and Education Erica Kryst