Keep the Connection Going After the Job/Internship Fair Ends!

The STEM Fair and Spring Job/Internship Fair have come to an end and you may be wondering what do you do now? This is a great time to do some follow-up networking to ensure the connections you made at the fairs keep going!

If you haven’t already, consider sending a follow-up thank you note to the recruiter(s) you met with. A sample of what this may look like is listed below:

You may also consider sending them a follow-up via LinkedIn request. As with any requests on LinkedIn, you always want to attach a note to it. To do so, go to the individual’s profile and click on ‘connect.’ From there, a text box will appear and in the lower right hand corner, you can add a note to your request. An example of what this note could look like can be found on page 30 of our career guide

Whatever your method, a thank you note is a great way to enhance your connection with the employer and open a potential pathway for more conversation. 

Outside of following through with employers, there are other steps to consider to enhance your chances of securing a job or internship! Check out this article “Finding Job & Internship Opportunities After the Fair” to learn additional ways to find opportunities. 

By Jordan Smith
Jordan Smith Career Consultant Assistant in Residence Jordan Smith