Communications Student Organizations at Bing

Communications Clubs at Binghamton 

At Binghamton, students have the opportunity to join more than 450 organizations. Many students approach extracurricular involvement as an outlet for stress and a way to pursue interests beyond the classroom, and that’s fantastic! Even more exciting: Student organizations can play a significant role in helping students to form new career goals and explore paths that would otherwise have been left unconsidered. As an added bonus, they also look great on a resume. Clubs form in order to learn about and enjoy a seemingless infinite amount of topics from actuarial science to gourmet cheese, and communications is no exception. Whether a career in Communications is your dream job or you are an exploring student, one of these incredible organizations might be your new favorite activity on campus:


WHRW (Harpur Radio Workshop)

“We provide a channel for individuals, artists, groups, issues and music that have been overlooked, suppressed, or underrepresented by other media. Students, staff, faculty, and community members are welcome to volunteer and apprentice to broaden their musical knowledge, as well as learn the operational aspects of running an FCC licensed radio station.” 

What WHRW is Up To:

This Spring, WHRW is gearing up for Moefest: a music festival featuring artists such as Laveda and LVA GRL, as well as student performers. This year Moefest will be available for streaming and on 90.5fm Binghamton. Pre-Covid, Moefest was celebrated as a live music festival at the end of spring semester. 

Where to Find WHRW: 

You can find WHRW’s website, B-Engaged profile, and other social media here. 


Bing Stand-Up 

For students with a funny bone, Bing Stand-Up strives, “to help students perfect their performing and joke writing skills, as well as provide free comedy to the student body of Binghamton University.” 

What Bing Stand-Up is Up To:

Last semester, Bing’s student comedians proved that virtual class clowns can have fun too. The club’s last show was titled, “Guys, Just a Reminder, Attendance Does Count for this Class.” On top of their hilarious sets, Bing Stand-Up also fosters a welcoming atmosphere for its members through game nights and club meetings. 

Where to Find Bing Stand-Up:

Visit Bing Stand-Up at their B-Engaged profile, Facebook, and Instagram

Even their Insta bio is funny! 


Undergraduate Art History Association 

“Our objective is to enrich the educational experiences of undergraduate students interested in the study, practice, and theory of Art History and visual culture. We aspire to provide an intellectually stimulating and socially diverse environment outside of the classroom, which will contribute to the revitalization of the academic community of Binghamton University.”

What the Art History Association is Up To: 

If you enjoy art galleries, guest panels, or bowling nights, the Art History Association is the club for you! Check out this behind-the-scenes photo of the club’s art installation for Euro Night (hint: the real version is about 1000 ft. tall). 

Where to Find the Undergraduate Art History Association: 

You can find this amazing club on B-Engaged, Facebook, or Instagram


By Madeline Timerman
Madeline Timerman Madeline Timerman