Binghamton University Student Conflict and Dispute Management Internship Program


As someone who has always wanted to go into the legal field, the SCDMP Internship has given me the perfect opportunity to learn about myself professionally and expand my knowledge of the Conduct process here at Binghamton. One experience I have especially valued has been working on Level 1 Hearing Board meetings, as it is directly preparing me for my future. I have been able to sit on hearing boards and work with other students and faculty members to help students come out of the process equipped with the resources they need to stay informed and succeed at Binghamton. Overall, I have loved my experience being an intern and am excited to see what the rest of the semester brings!



The SCDMP internship has allowed me to learn more about conflict resolutions skills that will help me in any profession. I’ve really enjoyed the mediation simulations and activities in class because they allow for a more practical understanding of the content we learn from readings. I’ve also really enjoyed learning about restorative justice in the context of student conduct, because it’s a really interesting alternative to the traditional punitive conduct process. I’ve learned a lot from the class and working with my fellow interns. I’m really glad I decided to do this internship and I’m looking forward to the rest of the semester. 



The SCDMP internship has not only allowed me to develop essential skills such as conflict resolution and mediating skills, but it also helped me to recognize my potential by challenging me to think creatively. Thus, my favorite aspect of this internship is that it gave us interns the opportunity to develop and work upon projects of our own design and interest, to guarantee that we could contribute something meaningful to the internship. Moreover, as important as it was for me to know that I would have the chance to work on something of my own interest, it was equally important for me to know that I had a supportive working environment, which I did! The advisors always made sure that us interns knew that they were here to support us in all of our endeavors, and my fellow interns are some of the most creative and supportive people I have ever worked with! All in all, I am grateful that I have the opportunity to work as an intern for SCDMP, and I strongly encourage other students to apply as well! 



The SCDMP internship has allowed me to build skills related to mediation, conflict resolution, and decision making that I will utilize throughout the rest of my college career and in my future career. I plan to go into the field of psychology, in which all of these skills will be applicable and allow me to best help those I will work with. Moreover, throughout this internship I have had the opportunity to give several presentations on these topics, as well as add my own information to them. This has allowed me to share my knowledge and skills with other students, as well as giving me experience in public speaking and professionalism. 

By Judy Bernier
Judy Bernier Operations Coordinator