Education Minor Steering Committee Spotlight

Student Organization Spotlight: Education Minor Steering Committee-Kailyn

The Education Minor Steering Committee is a group of students who work together and control all aspects of Binghamton University’s Education minor. The Education minor is student-run and this committee allows students within the minor to innovate and create events, classes, internships, and advertisement. The committee is dedicated to empowering students who wish to learn more about all the opportunities in the education field.

The committee meets every Tuesday with the Education Minor Coordinator, Mr. David Archer to discuss updates and to plan future programs. So far during the Fall semester, the committee has hosted multiple information sessions discussing the minor application process, a seminar with minor graduates, discussing their graduate school experiences, and an event discussing the hiring process for teachers. These events have all been incredibly successful and have helped students gain insight into the minor and career opportunities. 

Members of the steering committee are continuously seeking to implement new and exciting aspects to the minor. Most recently they have created a new class that will begin in the Spring 2021 semester. This class will be centered around the topic of multicultural education while focusing on issues surrounding diversity and providing students with the tools necessary to discuss difficult issues in future classroom environments. This class will enable future educators to be well-rounded individuals and versed on topics that impact all students.

The Education Minor Steering Committee acts as an incredible liaison between the students of the minor and campus administration. If anyone is interested in joining, you must be a hardworking student and enrolled in the minor. More information is available on the minior’s website. Overall, this student organization does amazing things for the student body and their impact on the Education minor is evident throughout.

By Kailyn Lukaszewski
Kailyn Lukaszewski Senior Peer Consultant