Student Organization Spotlight-SA Advocates

Student Org Spotlight: SA Advocates

What is the goal of your student organization?

SA Advocates operates as part of the Student Association and defends due process and fair resolutions in the conduct system by advising students through the process. If a student is found in violation of the code of conduct, they can request help by emailing They will be given a student advocate with knowledge of the student conduct process, procedures, and outcomes. The student advocate can support them by talking through their case and the likely decision. They can also advise the student  as they meet with the conduct staff. The SA Advocates program is designed by students for students. It is a phenomenal resource, not only for the students found in violation of the code of conduct, but also for the student advocates who get to do hands-on work related to law and advocacy.

Why did you first join this organization?

I became an advocate this fall after seeing a posting on the SA campus-wide email. I am interested in being a lawyer and was eager to gain hands on experience interpreting the regulations and applying them to real-world situations and people. I have had the opportunity to be trained on the contents of the student code of conduct and sanctioning guidelines. As a student, it is important that I have knowledge of my rights and consequences for violations. I am happy to be able to serve my fellow students as a resource as well. 

As a student leader, how important is it for students to be involved on campus?

It is important to be involved because everyone has something unique to offer their community. Whether it’s taking the lead at club sports practice, serving as a tutor or tour guide, and working towards an important cause on the executive board of an organization or hall government. Getting involved is a great way to impact the experiences of the people around you as well as leaving a legacy on the university.

What skills have you gained from being an SA Advocate?

As an SA Advocate, I have learned to think critically and analytically as I look over the code of conduct and its application. It has been great to learn with my fellow advocates and learn from their experiences with cases of this nature. 

Feel free to reach out to SA Advocates with any questions or concerns regarding conduct. 


By Maya Tierney
Maya Tierney Student Director of Programming, Senior Peer Consutant