Looking for Job or Internship Opportunities for Summer 2021?

Looking for Job or Internship Opportunities for Summer 2021? Here are Some Tips and Tricks for Navigating Your Handshake Search!

Handshake is an incredible search platform offered to all Binghamton University students that allows for students to navigate potential employers, career paths, community members, and most notably, job and internship searches. Today, we will be focusing on some key ways to make the most of your Handshake account and tips for searching for summer opportunities

For those who are unfamiliar with Handshake, it can be accessed through the main Binghamton PODS page under the line titles “HireBING”. Alternatively, you can search for Handshake via google and log in with your university ID and password.

The first and most important step for beginning your search is to create an up to date profile with current and relevant information. By filling out your profile, Handshake is able to find positions that match your education and interests. 

Once your profile is filled out and organized, it is time to begin searching for positions! Specifically for Summer positions, my best tip is to search for “Summer 2021” and instantly positions only for that time period will come up. Now, not all of the Summer 2021 positions will be of interest to you so that’s where filters come in. I recommend not to use too many filters, but just enough to get a variety of positions that interest you. 

There are three specific filters that I recommend selecting but you can do as many as you want to best suit your own search. The first is location. If you are searching for a job or internship it is important that you are able to commute to the location. If you are looking for a remote position, that is also a selection you can choose to narrow down your results. The second is the type of position you are looking for. Are you looking for an internship or a job? The best part is if you’re not looking for anything specific, you can select multiple types so you receive a variety of opportunities. My last and final tip filter that I recommend selecting is related to payment. If you are solely looking for any experience then there is no selection needed, however, if you are seeking paid positions only, it is best to select that prior to the search. By utilizing the filter features offered by Handshake, you can truly refine your search to positions that best suit you!


Searching for a summer job or internship doesn’t have to be so scary when you utilize the wide variety of filters offered by Handshake. Get out there and show employers what you have to offer, you wont regret it!

By Kailyn Lukaszewski
Kailyn Lukaszewski Kailyn Lukaszewski