Building Skills for a Career in Arts and Communication

When applying for jobs and internships, it is common to find a section on the application that lists skills or qualifications that employers are looking for. These skills and qualifications can range from technical skills such as being familiar with specific software applications or transferable skills such as communication. Some of these skills you may already have gained from coursework, school projects or background experience. Other skills may seem more daunting to build or seem as if they can only be gained through work experience. Contrary to popular belief, jobs and internships are not the only environment for students to gain valuable technical and transferable skills. Continuing reading to learn more about online skill-building resources!

Coursera (and Coursera for Campus)

Coursera is an online academic platform that offers courses for a variety of topics, professions, and skills. The platform has partnered with over 200 leading universities and companies to provide courses that can lead to certifications and even degrees. The platform is free to join and provides 5,000+ courses and specializations, 40+ certifications, and 25+ degrees. You can choose to complete an entire specialization or just a course within that specialization.

Coursera for Campus partners with universities to offer students unlimited Guided Projects and one free course per year. To get started, students simply have to connect to the platform using their school email address.

Some courses to consider for a career in Arts and Communication might be housed within these specializations:

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is another online platform where LinkedIn users from all backgrounds can gain in-demand skills through courses taught by professionals of their respective fields. The platform houses 16,000+ online courses that provide certificates upon completion. Dozens of courses are added on a weekly basis and course recommendations can be tailored to your specific interests. LinkedIn Learning is accessed through a monthly subscription but offers a free 30-day trial for first-time users. In addition, certificates that you earn from online coursework taken through LinkedIn Learning (or any online platform) are a great addition to your resume or LinkedIn profile!

By Jenny Li
Jenny Li Senior Peer Consultant