5 Ways to Show Gratitude in Your Career

Everyone loves to feel appreciated! Showing gratitude in the workplace and with your professional connections is a great way to increase happiness, foster stronger connections, and promote productivity. Here are 5 ways you can express your gratitude to your colleagues and network:

1. Send thank-you notes

The thank-you note is the classic way to show your gratitude. Handwritten notes are best, but an email also works great! Reach out to a colleague, connection, or friend and write them a short message thanking them for the work they do. Try to be as specific as possible–do they make coming to work fun? Have they provided you with amazing advice? Are they your go-to when you have questions? This will show them how much you appreciate them!

2. Send a LinkedIn Kudos

Did you know that LinkedIn has a Kudos feature? Navigate to your connection’s profile, tap the “More” button next to “Message,” and select “Give Kudos.” You’ll be prompted to a screen that lets you pick a cute graphic to send in a private message to the individual or feature in a public post. This is an easy way to reach out on LinkedIn and show that you care!

3. Nominate a faculty or staff member as a Career Champion

Is there a Binghamton faculty or staff member who has helped you with your professional development? Thank them by nominating them as a Career Champion! Nominated individuals will be celebrated for their work and treated to a breakfast by the Fleishman Center. Visit this page to learn more and submit a nomination!

4. Bring Treats

Do you have a break area or lunchroom where your colleagues spend downtime? This is the perfect spot to leave a small token of appreciation for your coworkers! Drop off a snack, baked goods, or candy and include a short note beside it that expresses your gratitude for the work they do.

5. Give a Shout-Out

Those who work hard deserve to be celebrated for their efforts. If there is a coworker, friend, or connection who has done something exceptional, recognize them publicly! Give them a shout-out in a work meeting, email, or LinkedIn post.

By Julia Sullivan
Julia Sullivan Marketing Graduate Assistant Julia Sullivan