5 Volunteering Spots to Gain Skills, Locally!


For those looking to enter Education and Human Services, having the right skills on your resume is very important. Luckily, there are many ways to gain relevant experience right on campus and in the local community! Check out this list of ways to gain experience:


  1. Become a substitute teacher: For those interested in teaching, subbing is a great way to gain teaching experience for your resume! Substitute teaching is an excellent way to get experience working with children for those interested in any child-facing careers, such as child counseling and social work. Certifications are not required for certain sub positions.
    1. Binghamton City School District application information can be found here
    2. Johnson City School District application information can be found here.
    3. Union-Endicott School District application information can be found here.
    4. Vestal School District application information can be found here.
    5. Chenango Valley School District application information can be found here.
    6. Maine-Endwell School District application information can be found here.
  2. Volunteer with the CCE: The Center for Civic Engagement is well-connected in the Binghamton community and places students with different kinds of organizations. This gives students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with different groups or populations they are interested in, whether it be schools, children, elderly, special needs individuals, and more. Check out the CCE and the organizations they are connected with on their website or at their office in UU-137.
  3. Tutor: Tutoring is a great way to gain teaching skills and experience working with college students! Tutors develop lesson plans, practice teaching strategies, and increase their interpersonal communication skills. Additionally, they work to build relationships with the students and problem solve to determine how best to help them. Binghamton University employs peer tutors through University Tutorial Services, and the tutoring application can be found here.
  4. Join student groups: Binghamton University has many campus groups that can help students gain valuable experience in their areas of interest. Notably:
    1. Active Minds is an organization aiming to end the stigma around mental health. The group creates change through research, education, and advocacy. This is an excellent group for students interested in counseling and psychology.
    2. Student United Way of Binghamton University works with United Way of Broome County to help local residents by improving education, healthcare, and income. The experiences students gain through this organization prepare them for careers in social justice, whether it be in the nonprofit sector or through social work and advocacy.
    3. NY Public Interest Research Group gives students the opportunity to explore and participate in the world of public policy. NYPIRG is an ideal experience for students interested in public policy and administration
  5. Shadow: One of the best ways to learn what it takes to be successful in a career or industry is to shadow! Use LinkedIn or Mentor Match to connect with industry professionals and learn more about what they do. Then, ask for a shadowing opportunity to see exactly what goes on in the job and learn a few tricks!


This list is only the beginning–stop into the Fleishman Center for more ideas on ways to gain experience for your dream job!

By Julia Sullivan
Julia Sullivan Marketing Graduate Assistant