Student Success Story – Eva Vazquez ’23

How Eva Vazquez ’23 gained important transferable skills through the Group Fitness Instructor Internship on campus

Research positions and clinical internships are not the only ways to gain relevant experience for Science and Healthcare professions. I found an incredible opportunity right on campus at the East Gym, where I applied for and accepted the Group Fitness Instructor Internship. This allowed me to explore my interest in exercising while also gaining transferable skills.

The best part of my freshman year was attending all of the Group Fitness Classes at the East Gym. I already enjoyed exercising, but these classes kept me working out consistently. 

The options seemed almost endless, ranging from Yoga to Spin to Body Pump to Aquatic Fitness to Boot Camp. My favorites, though, were RIPPED, a strength training and cardio class, and Cardio Kickboxing. 

What made these classes so special were the amazing instructors. Not only did they give a great workout, but they truly cared about you and your fitness. Before and after class, they would engage in conversation, offer advice, and create an extremely welcoming environment. After I made personal connections with instructors, I knew I wanted to become one myself and help other students on their fitness journey.

I was selected for the Group Fitness Instructor Internship after applying through Handshake and with the help of another instructor. I quickly discovered how this role is rooted in a clear understanding of health and the human body. This internship combined the teaching of anatomy and physiology of the body with how to teach a fitness class. 

Lessons about every muscle group and joint action helped me to learn how the body functions during a workout. There also was a strong emphasis on the field of Nutrition and the different body systems. I found this very illuminating and believe the knowledge I gained would be extremely valuable in pursuing any Science and Healthcare career.

This internship also strengthened my communication and interpersonal skills, as I learned to be in touch with the health and well-being of the students in my classes. These skills are highly transferable to other internships or careers that require teamwork and sensitivity to clients, customers, or patients.

By Eva Vazquez
Eva Vazquez Senior Peer Consultant