My Experience with Mentor Match

Everybody is always searching for their perfect match. What most people forget is that this does not have to just be romantic; many people can find their perfect career match too. Last year, I was unsure whether the career path I was going down was actually the one I wanted to pursue. As I am minoring in Education, my goal was to become a high school teacher. However, I constantly doubted this decision and wanted knowledge from someone with experience.

I did some research and found the Mentor Match resource, sponsored by the Fleishman Center. I signed up for this service by inputting all of my information regarding academics, involvement, and goals. I saw that an alumna, Laura Demsey, and I shared similar aspirations  and are part of the same career cluster: Education and Human Services. Following simple steps, I messaged Laura to set up an informational interview. Since we live hundreds of miles apart, we decided that a phone call would be the best option. 

To prepare, I wrote down various questions I had about teaching, ranging from the GRE Exams to teaching in a university setting to marketing yourself. Laura replied honestly and in great detail. She gave me excellent advice about the profession and answered questions that I had not even asked! She recommended classes, provided me with a timeline, and referred me to advisors. Alumni have so much more to offer than we, as undergraduates, can imagine.

Laura and I still remain in touch. She is available to answer any questions that come up and to share success stories or challenges with. I believe that having Laura as my (unofficial) mentor will allow me to grow in ways that I could not have previously. Conducting this informational interview was one of the best decisions I made for my future career! 

By Eva Vazquez
Eva Vazquez Senior Peer Consultant