How to Negotiate Your Salary with Accuracy: Job Market Insights Tool

Salary negotiations can be difficult—especially when you’re not sure what your salary expectations should be in the first place. Sometimes LinkedIn estimations are inconsistent, sometimes Glassdoor can only give you insights in “low confidence.” If you’re applying to both remote and in-person positions, maybe you’re unsure how pay for a position in one area compares to the national average.

If this sounds familiar, our new Job Market Insights tool has got you covered! After you’ve entered your preferred industry and occupation, you’ll be given plenty of information not only on employment trends, skillsets, and job titles, but also confirmed data on annual earnings. You can check this at a national level or filter by both state and county.

It’s important to find if a job is the right fit for you, and that includes determining if it can serve your financial needs. Whether you need to pay off your student debt, want to build up your savings, or seek to move out and become financially independent, the Job Market Insights can help you decide if a certain career can support you. And if you’ve already settled on a career path, it can help you to advocate for yourself and negotiate your salary with accuracy!

Let’s say you’ve checked the JMI tool and found the right numbers—need help finding the right words? Check out these scripts for salary expectations and negotiations or the following Fleishman Center resources:

By Calista Requijo
Calista Requijo Marketing Graduate Assistant