Student Success Story – Ross Lauterbach ’23, ’24

How Ross Lauterbach ’23, ’24 secured an internship at PWC with the help of Fleishman Center resources

This summer, I will be interning for PwC on their Risk and Regulatory team, specializing in data and technology. In this role, I will utilize my knowledge of statistical modeling and programming languages such as R and Python to mitigate technology-related risks for various clients. I am extremely excited to work in New York City, as it is something I have wanted to do for a long time.

My internship search was quite long, as I started searching for opportunities last summer. Because I had a lot of downtime at my job, I decided to work on my internship applications, finishing the summer with over 50 applications submitted. Through this process, I learned several lessons about the internship application process, including the importance of a polished cover letter. For about half of the applications I submitted, I was not confident about my cover letter, feeling that it was sloppy and lacked the connection to my resume that was crucial. However, after looking through the resources offered by the Fleishman Center, I refined my writing. As a result, I noticed a sharp increase in the amount of interviews I was being offered and a decrease in instant rejections. 

Another realization I had was that employers had drastically different opinions of my interview skills than I did. There were many interviews that I thought I had aced and provided the best possible responses for, but then I was instantly rejected after talking with the employer. On the other hand, several interviews that I thought I had messed up completely, including my interview with PwC, resulted in an acceptance. After receiving feedback from my employers, I learned that my responses seemed genuine given what I had written on my cover letter. Some major advice I could give, especially in the financial industry, is to treat each interview as a formal conversation, attempting to talk about your interests and experiences but also get to know the employer and company.

In my experience, the two biggest components of an internship application are your cover letter and interview. Both your interview and cover letter writing skills can be greatly improved by the resources and assistance provided by the Fleishman Center. I find the mock interviews to be especially helpful, as answering the standard interview questions over and over again is a great way to ensure you are comfortable responding to any question that comes your way. The staff at the Fleishman Center are extremely kind and want nothing more than for you to succeed in your professional endeavors. I would strongly recommend utilizing the resources they offer to make the most of your internship search!

By Ross Lauterbach
Ross Lauterbach Student Experience Consultant