Using Candid Career to Explore Careers in Science and Healthcare

Candid Career is a great resource to learn more about the industries and professions you are interested in. The platform provides video informational interviews featuring industry professionals from a variety of careers. In this blog post, I will focus specifically on exploring careers in Science and Healthcare. Here are 3 tips on navigating Candid Career. 

  • Explore the Main Page

Right when you enter the website, you will see several categories of videos. For example, there is a category labelled “STEM,” which features curated videos that interview individuals from very different STEM backgrounds ranging from Healthcare Technology to Environmental Science to Exercise Physiology. These videos are changed regularly so students who are exploring careers get exposure to a variety of different professions and perspectives.

  • Explore by Industry

At the top of the website, you will see the “Explore Careers” label. This label expands into a dropdown menu, through which you can select “Industries.” This will take you to a page of different industries and each industry folder is filled with hundreds, if not thousands of videos. Here, you can explore folders such as Fitness & Athletics, Healthcare, Information Technology, and much more. After choosing an industry, you will enter a page with content curated for your interest into categories such as “Most Viewed” or “Most Popular.” 

  • Explore by Major

The “College Majors” label can be found in the same “Explore Careers” dropdown menu. Through this label, you will be able to explore careers based on your major to get a better understanding of what types of careers are obtainable with your area of study. You may be surprised by the variety of industries you can work in with a Psychology degree or a Biology degree. 

Once you get comfortable with the platform, you can start exploring different aspects of the website and really use the resource to your advantage. If you find that you are interested in a specific career, you can search by that career and watch the available videos. There are usually multiple videos for one profession. You can also use their “Get Hired” resources to build your career readiness and professionalism skills. In addition, you can read their blogs under the “Blogs” label.

By Jenny Li
Jenny Li Senior Peer Consultant