Campus Resources and How to Use Them

Binghamton University has numerous on-campus resources open to use for students, but many do not know these resources exist, what services they provide, or how to access those services. While this is by far not an exhaustive listing, here are some campus resources which International Students may find particularly helpful.

1. Fleishman CenterUniversity Union 133

The Fleishman Center is an excellent resource for all students and for many different needs. The services provided to students include career guidance, job searching strategies, and interview tips and techniques, along with many more types. Appointments can be made in advance or on the day of as a walk-in. Further, that can be in-person or virtual, whichever is easiest. The most valuable resource that Fleishman provides to students is that they will help you learn how to do things on your own, so in the future when you are no longer a student you will be self-sufficient. Visit the website for more information and resources, or book an appointment via Handshake.

2. Student Transition and Success: Appalachian Collegiate Center AP-G17

Student Transition and Success is an overarching office which boasts numerous programs and resources which students should make full use of throughout their time at Binghamton. Directly in this office location is the Success Coaching program. Success coaching appointments can be made with either peers or professional staff members, however all are there to support you through one-on-one weekly appointments in which you will create and set goals for yourself and have a measure of accountability to help you achieve those goals. Specific topics include time management, study skills, and productivity. 

3. The Speaking CenterChenango Champlain Collegiate Center (C-4) Student Success Center Rooms 101A/B

The Speaking Center, located in C-4, is another of the programs which fall under Student Transition and Success. It is an incredibly valuable resource. They are there to support you through any and all speaking engagements, including class presentations, pitches, and special presentations. Public speaking can be incredibly intimidating so here you can practice your delivery in a comfortable environment with support and encouragement. You have the option to practice in a group setting as well, so for group presentations you can make a group appointment. 

4. The Writing CenterLibrary North 2411

The Writing Center, which offers in-person appointments and some online appointments, is a great resource to work on the content and flow of your writing. The tutors are happy to help with any type of writing you need and help you become a better writer. They can help you from the very beginning of an assignment, from creating a thesis statement to drafting a logical structure. Here you will learn to develop your own written voice with tutors to help you choose that word you can never think of. 

 5. English Language InstituteOld Champlain 314

The English Language Institute is a wonderful resource for anyone who’s first language is not English. Some individualized services include, English tutoring, English language courses specifically for international students and English language learners, and conversation pairs. The office is incredibly welcoming and supportive of all students, and when you move through their programs you go on to have the chance to give back and help incoming students while earning credit in some cases.

6 .University Tutoring ServicesCIW Library

The University Tutoring Service provides free tutoring for Binghamton students in a variety of courses. To find and sign up for an appointment, first visit the website and view the list of classes for which there is a tutor. Then go through Starfish to schedule your hour-long appointment for up to three different classes. For this as well, if you decide to help other students and pass on some knowledge you too can become a tutor.

By Rebecca Zajac
Rebecca Zajac Career Engagement Graduate Assistant