Are you a SOPPS Student Interested in Industry? Consider Joining the Industry Pharmacists Organization (IPO)

The Industry Pharmacists Organization, IPhO, is dedicated to advancing the careers of industry pharmacists. Antoneitta Macri, the President of IPhO, shares how this organization can help Binghamton University students enrolled in The School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences connect with professionals in the pharmaceutical industry and develop the skills necessary to pursue a career in industry.

Student Name:

Antoneitta Macri

Position Title/Student Organization:

President of the Industry Pharmacists Organization

What is the mission of your organization?

The Industry Pharmacists Organization is exclusively dedicated to advancing the careers of industry pharmacists.

IPhO accomplishes this by:

Providing timely and relevant information that is vital to our members.
Raising awareness among employers and industry executives about the role that industry pharmacists can play in drug development and appropriate medication use.
Providing targeted resources and coaching to enhance members’ continuing education and professional development.
Creating opportunities for members to network and exchange ideas with their industry pharmacist peers.
Providing access to attractive and relevant employment opportunities available in the industry.

What skills can students develop as a member of your organization?

In IPhO there are multiple leadership opportunities both on the executive board and in the organization itself.
Members will also develop their professional skills, such as: networking, CV building, and interview preparation.

How can being a member of this organization help students explore career options?

IPhO is specifically designed for pharmacy students that have an interest in industry pharmacy. The organization hosts speaker events with current people in the pharmaceutical industry where they speak of their experiences and answer questions.
IPhO – Binghamton also participates in the VIP Case Competition hosted by the national office. In this competition, students must take a made-up drug from “benchtop to bedside.” This allows students to get a feel of the different areas pharmacists are involved in the pharmaceutical industry and how their knowledge can be utilized.

What networking or mentorship opportunities are available to students in this organization?

Ability to network with individuals currently in the pharmaceutical industry
Mentors available within IPhO (both nationally and locally)

How has membership of this organization influenced your personal experience at Binghamton University?

Yes. Through this organization, I have been able to expand my leadership skills and grow into a leader that is prepared for the next steps after graduation. I have been able to network with some truly amazing people that have helped me navigate the pharmaceutical industry and apply for fellowships. I have also gained a lot of mentors that have turned into friends. Overall, I would not be as prepared or confident as I currently am without IPhO.

Are there any eligibility requirements to join this organization? If so, please include them below.

Enrolled in the Binghamton School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

How can interested students get connected with you?


By Antoneitta Macri
Antoneitta Macri