Internship Spotlight: The Ford Foundation

As I reflect on my summer, one of the experiences that truly stands out to me was interning at the Ford Foundation. I worked closely with the People and Culture Team, where we learned how to implement diversity, inclusion, and equity in every area throughout the foundation, from recruitment to policies within different departments. Working with individuals passionate about making the world better by supporting groups on the ground allowed me to discover a newfound interest in talent acquisition specializing in diversity and equity. Beyond my role as an intern, I challenged myself by learning new software to create fantastic videos that captured the moments that fellow interns and I shared throughout the foundation- one of them was even showcased at one of our Town Halls! 

As a first-generation student, it is easy to doubt yourself, from how to behave in a professional setting to how you present the skills you bring to the table. After researching how a diverse and inclusive environment is fostered, how grants are made, how the foundation builds its endowment through mission investments, and even visiting grantees, I have realized the power of resilience and passion- If you genuinely want something, go after it! Applying for this role was scary due to how competitive it was; however, sometimes, you need to go for it no matter how nervous it makes you feel. This has been one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had, and the many things I have learned here will be critical in my future endeavors.


By Yaleza Fernandez
Yaleza Fernandez The Ford Foundation