3 Easy Tips for On-Campus Research


      Binghamton University is renowned as one of the top public research universities in the US for its talent, facilities, partnerships and opportunities. With over 700 student research opportunities, now is the time to think about summer and fall positions. Here are some quick tips on how to aquire on-campus research:

  • Talk to your favorite Professor about their research:
  • Explore your Professor’s biography through their academic department’s webpage to learn about their research topics of interest and expertise.
  • Conduct a Google Scholar Search.
  • Go to your Professor’s Office Hours! Utilize that 1:1 time to make a connection and show your interest, enthusiasm and initiative.
  •  Make sure your research application documents are updated and accurate. Need Help?
  • Attend The Fleishman Career Center’s Walk-In hours (M-F 12pm-4pm) to meet with student staff or make an appointment through HireBING with a professional staff member to discuss your research goals and documents.
  • Review the Schedule of Classes on BU Brain to see which courses may include a research component.
By Laura O'Neill
Laura O'Neill Career Consultant