The Roosevelt Network – Student Org Spotlight and Funded Activities for Students

Author: Ella Chinn

What is the mission of your organization? As a campus organization, we identify and research problems within the campus community and in the Greater Binghamton area, then create policies and engage in advocacy work to address them and come up with creative solutions. We also get involved in the community, as we recognize that Binghamton is more than just a place you stay in for four years- it is home to thousands of local residents! For instance, we have been partnering with JUST to conduct weekly visits to the Broome County Jail to speak with incarcerated people about how they are being treated, what their needs are, and ultimately convey this information to organizers at JUST to connect them with the appropriate resources. 

What skills can students develop as a member of your organization? (ex. leadership opportunities, certifications, public speaking, etc..) Most notably, students will learn how to research and write policy in a way that is accessible to beginners. None of us are professional policymakers, but we believe that when we come together and collaborate, we are able to create real change! Along with writing policy, we publish all policies in our Blueprint policy journal. Having a policy that you wrote be published is a really amazing culminating experience after a lot of hard work! Additionally, you will learn important advocacy skills as we attempt to implement the policies we create. Finally, we also have many leadership opportunities as both a member of our executive board and intern positions, and we anticipate having several openings this semester as most of our e-board is graduating. 

How can being a member of this organization help students explore career options? While Roosevelt can help students explore policy, law, and government, we have students from many different majors involved in our group. Since policy can span a range of different subjects, such as the medical field, joining Roosevelt can help students who are not interested in government learn about topics within their own interest areas from a unique policy perspective. Joining Roosevelt can also introduce students to policy research and help them gain important advocacy skills that will be utilized in any profession! 

What networking or mentorship opportunities are available to students in this organization? The Roosevelt Network is composed of a group of motivated students who are dedicated to the betterment of their community– both on campus and in the Greater Binghamton Area. Being part of this group of likeminded members is extremely rewarding, and we are all excited to help each other succeed. You are also joining a group with amazing alumni, including students in law school and those leading progressive movements and organizations. For instance, Brianna Cea, the executive director and founder of Generation Vote (GenVote), is the founder and former president of our group! 

How has membership of this organization influenced your personal experience at Binghamton University? I have always been dedicated to involving myself in my community and giving back to it. When I arrived at Binghamton in the Fall of 2020, amidst the chaos of Covid, I was looking for a campus organization to join to continue this passion. When I found the Roosevelt Network, I knew that I was in the right place. Even though meetings were on Zoom, I enjoyed meeting with like minded students and brainstorming creative solutions to important problems in the community. That Spring, a policy I wrote was one of ten selected by our national Network to publish in their own “10 Ideas” policy journal (found on page 6). This was an empowering experience, and it only fueled my commitment to the Network. After just one year as a member, I was elected President, and it has been such a privilege to be able to lead our organization the past two years. Roosevelt has entirely shaped my college experience. Learning about the issues in this community and being part of a group where we are all dedicated to improving Binghamton has been a large part of my undergraduate experience thanks to Roosevelt. I have met amazing people and lifelong friends, and felt how powerful it is to be part of a drive for positive change. I cannot wait to continue the amazing work the Network does this semester, and I am so sad to leave it when I graduate! However, I know that I will always have a home in Roosevelt at Binghamton! 

Are there any eligibility requirements to join this organization? If so, please include them below. No! We welcome all members! 

How can interested students get connected with you? Students can get recent club updates, attend our general body meetings from 6:30-7:30pm on Mondays in CW 102, or attend our jail visits by joining our GroupMe. You can also email us at and follow us on Instagram @bingroosevelt. 

Please note that we are in the process of changing our name to the Binghamton Policy Project, so look out for changes to these handles.

The Following funded opportunities for Civically Engaged Students are being offered with the The Roosevelt Network

The Roosevelt Network develops and supports undergraduate college students to be the next generation of leaders in the progressive policy ecosystem. Starting November 1st, they will be recruiting for two, stipend, fellowship programs: the Emerging Fellowship and the Roosevelt in Washington Fellowship. Student fellows receive a $3,000 stipend, policy and leadership training, and opportunities to explore policy aligned careers.

Two different programs are available:

Roosevelt in Washington

Transformational opportunity for undergraduate students in the last 1-2 years of their bachelors degree program to gain real world policy experience through placement in an 8-week (paid) summer internship in Washington, DC. RIW fellows will go through a 6 week bootcamp, focused on policy and leadership skills training, ahead of their summer internship experience. Fully funded housing and public transportation for the duration of the internship.

Emerging Fellowship:  

Academically rigorous policy research and writing opportunity for undergraduate students in the last 1-2 years of their bachelors degree program, where they will write a short policy brief to be published by the Roosevelt Institute. Emerging Fellows are paid and will be deeply supported in their research and policy writing, with opportunities for mentorship and exploration of graduate school pathways.

By Jessica Lane-Rwabukwisi
Jessica Lane-Rwabukwisi Career Consultant