Finding a Mentor through Mentor Match

Finding a Mentor through Mentor Match

How many of you have a mentor? When I started college, I wasn’t exactly sure what a mentor even was. Now, I understand how valuable a mentor can be for exploring career options. Being able to connect with a professional in a field of interest, learn from them, ask questions, etc. can help give students a stronger sense of their interests and what might be next for them! 

Check out different ways to find a mentor this month!

  1. Using Mentor Match 

Mentor Match is designed to help students connect with alumni based on their academic and career

 interests. When students create their profile, they will then be shown a percentage compatibility for suggested mentors. These are merely suggestions! Students are welcome to search by industry, extracurriculars, and more! 

There are so many benefits to using Mentor Match. All of the alumni on the platform have intentionally signed up because they want to help and support students. Through the Mentor Match platform, students can message alumni directly and set up a time to meet in person or virtually! 

See below a variety of different alumni that you can connect with based on your career cluster of interest! Feel free to type their names into the search bar within Mentor Match to find them. 

Arts and Communications:

Maria Cataldo- Senior Director of Marketing and Communications

Alex Mackof- Technology Communications Coordinator

Wayne Papke Jr.- Art, Music and Production Executive

Business and Entrepreneurship:

Jemar Ward- Senior Director, Human Resources

Carolyn Johnston-Junior Associate

Ryan Klang- Economic Officer

Education and Human Services:

Matthew Phifer-Vice President of Education and Employment

Cheryl Hanly-ESL/ELA Teacher

Jessica Samboy-Bliss Leadership & Wellness

Engineering and IT: 

Shantanu Joshi-Engineering Sales Manager

Kait Sweetman-Director of Product

Hadassah Mativetsky-Business Development Manager/Quality Engineer

Government, Policy and Law:

Nathan Hart- Foundations and Corporate Relations Manager

Isis McIntosh Green-Deputy Co-Executive Director

Marcel Bucsescu- Director, Strategic Content

Science and Healthcare:

Ashley Haugstatter- Manage of Nursing Relations and Retention

Sharon Smith-Corporate Medical Director

Jonathan Sobel- Sr. Administrative Director, Northwell Health

By Lexie Avery, MS '15
Lexie Avery, MS '15 Senior Associate Director, Student Engagement and Career Readiness