The Co-Curricular Transcript: The Hidden Gem of B-Engaged

Practically the minute you step foot on Binghamton University’s campus, you hear about B-Engaged. The B-Engaged platform, a one-stop shop for getting involved, is typically associated with events, clubs and “what’s happening on campus.” The website allows you to join hundreds of different clubs and organizations, connects you with countless training materials for various certifications on campus, and even allows you to apply for certain programs and leadership positions, like the Emerging Leaders Program (ELP), Orientation Advisor (OA) position and beyond! 

B-Engaged has many benefits that aren’t as highly publicized though and are underutilized. The most beneficial is a feature called the Co-Curricular Transcript, or CCT. 

The CCT is a consolidated list of all activities and involvement that students have participated in since the beginning of their academic careers at Binghamton University. The CCT is chronologically categorized by club/group, so you can easily access your records in order, instead of searching your resume or scrolling through years-old emails!

Here’s what the CCT looks like in B-Engaged. You can find it by logging into B-Engaged, clicking ‘My Involvement’ and selecting ‘My CCT’ from the dropdown:

A few examples of what the Co-Curricular Transcript can provide for you throughout your time at Binghamton? As a graduating senior, I’ve enjoyed using my CCT because of my horrible memory! Although I remember the jobs I’ve held, or internships I’ve participated in, the niche activities I was part of, or those one-off meetings I attended, may not always be on the top of my list. The CCT has provided me with one place where I can find everything I’ve forgotten, organized by club/group and date, allowing me to access memories that I didn’t even remember I’d made! It’s been nice to look at this transcript and take a walk down memory lane while applying to graduate school programs, or jobs, outside of the University. 

Having this comprehensive transcript is a nice memory jogger and overview of any student’s time as an involved club member and tuned-in Binghamton Bearcat, especially since I’m at the end of my college career. I’m confident the CCT will also offer me talking points to bring up during interviews, advising sessions and more.

Let’s look at my Co-Curricular Transcript, curated from my first year at Binghamton:

I lived in Digman Hall, in Dickinson College, my first two years here. Here, you can see that the platform has tracked every RA event that I attended and signed into on B-Engaged! It’s also fascinating to examine how events changed from before, to during, the COVID pandemic. This is further proof that my Resident Assistants (RAs) did the most they could during that incredibly isolating time!

B-Engaged has also tracked internships and other community-based activities I’ve been involved in, which you can see here:

This is one of the greatest things about the CCT. It provides an extensive outline for you! I can now remember that I’ve participated in ‘x’ amount of internships or activities. I could press the ‘Edit’ button and label these experiences and/or add further explanations and notes about them. I could even press ‘Hide’ and exclude any experiences I didn’t want shown on a download of my CCT. 

This blog was written by Kylie Gottlieb, Kylie is a B-Engaged Student Ambassador.

By Lexie Avery, MS '15
Lexie Avery, MS '15 Senior Associate Director, Student Engagement and Career Readiness