From the Recruiter’s Perspective

I. What sets Arrow Search Partners apart from other recruiting agencies?
1. “Relationships- Our partners have built lasting relationships with clients throughout their careers. The organic growth of our client base sets us apart.
2. Different Recruiting Methods – There is a successful balance among everyone that is on the team. It creates a great learning experience for the more junior recruiters.
3. The Culture- The healthy competition and collaborative culture in the organization has enabled us to attract and retain the best recruiters in New York City.
4. The Passion- Everyone in the firm has a desire for each other to be successful. The willingness to assist and guide the younger recruiters on the team makes Arrow, Arrow.”

-Patrick Lupfer, Director

II. What do you look for in a candidate?

“The qualities I find to be most impactful are transparency and communication when working with a candidate. Someone who is not afraid to open up and share their excitement, hesitations and ultimate goals are always the candidates that have the most success in landing their best next step. I also believe curiosity and excitement are great motivators to have when you are going into an interview, as there is always an ability to network, learn and discover more throughout a job search process. I have found that balancing an open mind with the ability to be transparent with your recruiter is the best combination for success in the process.”

-Whitney Johnson, Director

III. What’s your favorite part about being a recruiter?

“My favorite part about being a recruiter is creating strong relationships with my candidates and clients. I meet so many great people and have the privilege of educating them on the market, allowing them to make hiring and career decisions. I take pride in impacting someone’s career in a positive direction and receiving appreciation in return for doing so. I also love working together with my team who brings passion and energy to our day to day. Everyone at Arrow is excited to come to work, help people, and make an impact in the industry.”

-Jeff Killian, Director

IV. What do you tell your candidates to help with nerves before an interview?

“Make sure you are prepared – do your research on the company, get a good night sleep and fuel up before the interview.
According to Alison Doyle at The Balance Careers published on June 22, 2022, the STAR Method will enhance your interviews. STAR is an acronym that describes how to structure interview answers.
S stands for the situation. This is where you provide a very high-level overview of your role and what was going on.
T stands for the task you were assigned or took the initiative to solve. In other words, describe in one sentence what made the situation a challenge.
A stands for the actions you took. Step by step, walk through what you did.
R stands for results. These are the outcomes of the actions you took to resolve the situation and challenge.

-If you are feeling anxious, go for a walk to clear your head, listen to music, or meditate prior to the interview.
-Pick your outfit out ahead of time. A good ensemble can make you feel confident and ready to conquer the world.
-Sit up straight, put a smile on, and walk with confidence. Keep your shoulders back and keep your head high. Positive body language sends off a good message to others.”

-Chelsea Kim, Director

V. What is your favorite part about the recruiting process?

“My favorite part of the recruiting process is making huge, positive impacts on my candidates’ careers and lives. As a recruiter, you assist professionals make career decisions which is a life changing moment for everybody. It is extremely rewarding when you see the entire recruiting process come to fruition from beginning to end. Whether you get your candidate a huge increase in compensation or their dream job, it feels good to know that you had such a positive influence in facilitating their job search. I also enjoy getting to know my candidates which makes the relationship that much more meaningful. This slice of recruiting is a ‘feel good’ piece that makes what I do so rewarding!”

-Jenna Vasilakopoulos, Associate Director

Submitted by: Katheryn Benedetto, Associate Director-Internal Operations

By Lindsey Murtland
Lindsey Murtland Senior Associate Director of Employer Engagement and Partnerships