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About us:
Asian American Dream (AAD) was founded in May 2021 by Kevin Ha, AAD’s Founder,
Executive Director, and Board Chair and is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. AAD’s mission is to provide mentorship networks, professional development training, and career advancement opportunities for underserved (first-generation college attendee, low-income, FAFSA-eligible, non-target school) Pan Asian American undergraduates, with the goal of helping them achieve their unique vision of the Asian American dream.

Kevin Ha, AAD Founder, Executive Director and Board Chair

Below are AAD programs aimed at supporting your growth and success:
The Kin Mentorship Program: A comprehensive and impactful mentorship program that connects AAD students with early-career professionals that have “walked in students’ shoes” and share similar backgrounds.

End of Quarter 1 Celebration Session

Career Foundations Program: This program focuses on many components including Holistic training for AAD students through 4 foundational pillars: Cultural Training, Professional Development, Industry Mentorship & Exposure, and the Classics (resume, cover letter, and interview).

  • Cultural Training Workshop: helping students embrace and leverage their cultural heritage and lived experiences prior to entering the work place
  • Professional Development Workshop: shared resources on how to be a professional in the present-day workplace (ex. LinkedIn)
  • Industry Mentorship & Exposure Meet and Greet: 6 guest speakers from a variety of industries sharing their personal & career experiences
  • The Classics Workshop: resume, cover letter, mock interview

Virtual Career Fairs:
Career advancement opportunities that provide AAD students with inroads to partner employers and organizations across a variety of industries.

Networking Series:
Networking opportunities for AAD students to learn and apply essential networking skills with experienced Pan Asian American Executives, ERG leaders, and talent acquisition representatives from partner companies and organizations.

AAD Night of Networking Event in honor of AAPIHM

Asian American Dream hopes to share our FREE virtual programs and in person events in 2023 and beyond with you. If you are interested, please fill out our AAD Programming Opt-In Form to receive updates on when our programs and events become available to apply/register!

-The AAD Team

By Tiffany Soto
Tiffany Soto Diversity Engagement Specialist