How joining a club/student organization can help you explore career paths

At Binghamton, there are over 300 student clubs and organizations, ranging from social clubs, to recreational teams, service groups, professional organizations and beyond. 

Within our mid-sized University, with an undergraduate student population of about 14,000, you’re bound to find like-minded students that share your interests, hobbies and/or career trajectories.

The benefits of getting involved in extracurricular activities, and groups, on campus are innumerable, whether it’s a professional, career-oriented organization or a fun club centered around a hobby. 

By joining a club/organization, and being an active member, you’ll gain important “hard” professional skills that will benefit you in a future workplace, like collaborating with a team, effective public speaking and composing well-written emails. 

You’ll see your “soft” interpersonal skills develop, and improve, like being a leader, mediating issues between members, welcoming new people into your club and so forth. 

Utilizing these skills you’ve developed, and harnessing these extracurricular experiences, your involvement could open professional doors for you after college, like scoring a dream job or getting into graduate school.

The people you meet in these organizations could impact your life post-graduation as well – especially if you’re open to exploring professional clubs, or any club with a focus on career-related activities. 

Within any Binghamton club or organization, you’re sure to make new friends and gain new connections across campus with other students, professional staff or faculty. 

While you should be open to joining any group that piques your interest, it can be beneficial to join an organization related to the career path of your choice. Those connections within your club can be your strongest source of support and community for your future endeavors. 

If you’re a student following a tailored track, like pre-med, pre-law, or a graduate school, there are undoubtedly other students in your clubs who understand the obstacles you may face and will be able to offer suggestions, and advice, on how to tackle them, all while cheering you on. 

Within your group, you’ll know you have people you can depend on, while navigating your career choices, internship interviews, graduate school applications – and beyond. Before you know it, you’ll be the person helping the next generation of students, looking for guidance and wisdom for their aspirations. 

These connections in your own network could ultimately follow you after graduation, leading to job opportunities, continued friendships and so much more.

Any club could be the one that sparks your interest, or entrance, into a distinct career path – whether you envisioned that path or not. 

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By B-Engaged Student Ambassador Team
B-Engaged Student Ambassador Team