Bring Data Science to Binghamton University with the Data Science and Analytics Club

Data Science and Analytics Club Presidet, Jonathon Glatzer, shares how this club helps students build relevant data skills, network with business and accounting firms, and connect with like-minded pre-professionals in the field. There are no eligibility requirements to join this organization and interested students can email Jonathon at Read more about the Data Science and Analytics club below:

What is the mission of the Data Science and Analytics Club?

The primary purpose is to provide interested students with the opportunity to learn more about the fields of Data Science and Analytics. Additionally, the club will facilitate student led tutorials on technical skills, host competitions in data science, and work with on and off campus groups and individuals to bring Data Science to Binghamton University, through research, and seminars. The group will advocate on behalf of the undergraduate student body for a major in Data Science.

What skills can students develop as a member?

Learning to program, working with Microsoft Excel, networking with business and accounting firms.

How can being a member help students explore career options?

We have professors and other industry professionals that offer career guidance and workshops! We also partner with major accounting firms for networking opportunities.

How has membership of this organization influenced your personal experience at Binghamton University?

It has allowed me to meet other like minded pre-professionals!

Are there any eligibility requirements to join this organization? If so, please include them below.


How can interested students get connected with you?


By Ellen Vibbard
Ellen Vibbard Senior Assistant Director, Career Education and Preparation