Academics’ Insights On Jobs Outside of Academia

In the first two or three months you will see guest speaker blog posts of academics who sought different career paths in the industry either alongside or outside of their faculty jobs. You should not fear leaving academia if you decide that it is not the path for you. Your skills and experiences in academia are valuable and many employers may be interested in hiring you. The key is to reflect on your skills and how it would be applicable to the industry you are considering and also to use the correct terms used by the employers when crafting your resume and cover letter. At the Fleishman Center we would be happy to help you out to translate your skills and experiences so they are transferable to the industry. And if you are missing the skills that employers are seeking, you can always consider what courses or experiential experiences could help you fill the gap. Also, network with professionals who are in the industries you are interested in pursuing and gain insight from them. Informational interviews over coffee with professionals in the industry is key to exploring career options and getting a better sense of what that job entails.

Be at the look out for insightful posts from our guest writers who already went through some of the challenges of transitioning outside of academia.

By Ozzy Girit Heck (Ph.D.)
Ozzy Girit Heck (Ph.D.) Career Success Program Specialist