Get Involved: Campus Arts Activities

As an art major, you may think that there are not many ways to get involved with art outside of class on campus. However, that assumption is far from the truth! There are many different ways to become involved, and some might even surprise you! Firstly, I would suggest looking through B-Engaged to find any clubs and organizations revolving around art.

Here are some of the clubs and organizations centered around art and creative activities:

Binghamton Art Club

Binghamton Aiding Hearts

Art Co-Op


Imagination Craft Works

Student Design Agency

These clubs and organizations have something to do with arts and crafts. Art comes in many different forms, so it is important to acknowledge this when looking into these clubs. For instance, KnitWits is a club that centers around teaching others to knit and could be considered an art form because it is a club about learning and creating something. Some of these clubs have occasional events that focus on art-related things. For example, Binghamton Aiding Hearts is a club that makes donations to schools and other places. In the past, their events included painting school supplies for kids at a local school. This way, you can practice your painting skills, while also placing a smile on a child’s face! How amazing! The Student Design Agency is a great way to get experience creating designs for clients and will be beneficial to your portfolio. Each semester the agency takes in interns so keep an eye out for that!

There are many other ways to get involved but to find these you have to look. Sometimes, clubs host specific art-related events such as paint-a-pot events or paint-a-bag events. I recommend keeping an eye out for these as they can be hidden in plain sight. Sometimes looking at your B-Line email and B-Engaged Calendars helps search for these. In the past, I’ve seen certain events such as paint-a-pot events and distress painting events hosted by clubs and organizations. I look for any type of event like those regularly. I make sure to check my emails regularly and write down events in my planner. It also helps to use Google Calendar to keep track of these events because it reminds you in case you forget. Oftentimes, if you click on an event on the B-Engaged calendar, it directs you to B-Engaged where you can easily add it to any calendar with a click of a button. 

My last suggestion to find out about art events is to look on social media! Almost every organization has an Instagram page where they advertise their events and post regularly about upcoming events. To find them, just search for one of the organizations/clubs on Instagram and look through their following. Sometimes, these organizations follow each other, so it is easier to find them that way. 

If you are into performing arts. I also recommend visiting the Anderson Center. Here, you can find a variety of events from concerts to plays; there is something for everyone. You should also stop by to check out the flyers posted outside or go online. 

By Daisy Solis
Daisy Solis Student Career Influencer