My Experience as an Intern at the Binghamton University Art Museum

This fall, I am a public programs intern at the Binghamton University Art Museum. As an intern, I am responsible for assisting the Coordinator of Education and Public Programs in educational programs. This also entails engaging with students through tabling events, social media, and educational events. In addition to this, I also have to take the CDCI Internship class along with this internship. The class is different from the normal asynchronous class because we meet once a week and discuss readings posted on the weekly schedule. The class adds to the internship experience because the readings allow us interns to think about issues happening in museums around the world. Through my internship, I learned about issues and controversies surrounding museums, the conservation of artifacts, and the ethical aspect of it. Along with the classwork, I gain hands-on experience with various museum events. 

This past week, I tabled at the union for a pop-up event called #BingCollects. This is a collaborative event with the museum and Libraries’ Special Collections. Our goal is to help raise awareness to our theme “Planet Earth” which is all about sustainability and saving the planet. We bring in pieces from the museum that showcase this message and the library brings in books relating to the subject.  When tabling, we speak to students about the importance of saving planet Earth and ways to be good to Earth. We gave out pins that we made to students and encouraged visitors to go to the museum.

Last weekend, I helped table for the Haudenosaunee festival. During this table, I would encourage visitors to come to the museum’s upcoming events and also speak to them about the Wampum Belt that was displayed for viewing. This tabling was different from the previous one because in this one people came to us asking questions and wanting to learn more. So many people came up to me and at first, I kind of felt nervous to speak to them but eventually, it became second nature. This is one of the many ways my internship has helped me with strengthening my skills. It is true practice makes perfect! Internships are a great way to let yourself get out of your comfort zone and also build professional skills. 

A task that I was assigned to do was a Family Day Scavenger Hunt. My supervisor told me to come up with questions for the scavenger hunt that would be fun for kids. She gave me inspiration from previous scavenger hunts she created and I was amazed with the samples she gave me. There was variety in scavenger hunts and no one was the same. I came up with questions and my supervisor created a scavenger hunt that was both creative and fun. 

Some things I’m looking forward to in this internship are gaining more knowledge of how educational programs in museums work and gaining more hands-on experience within this field. I am so excited to see where this takes me and can’t wait for future opportunities. 

By Daisy Solis
Daisy Solis Student Career Influencer