Graduate Student Resources

The Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development offers a variety of services not only for undergraduate students, but also for graduate students! The Fleishman Center staff can help with targeting the job search, conducting mock interviews, providing discipline/career-specific resources, and more.

Graduate Student Career Counseling

Career counseling appointments specifically for graduate students are offered by Fleishman’s Career Success Program Specialist, Ozzy Girit Heck, PhD. Popular career counseling appointments for graduate students include mock interviews in preparation for full-time job interviews, evaluating and accepting job offers, and job search (full time positions). However, there are even more appointment types applicable to graduate students!

Email: or call: 607-777-2982

Scheduling a Career Counseling Appointment:

  1. First, go to Handshake
  2. When choosing a category, select “Graduate Students” (Including Master’s, PhD, EdD, and PharmD students)
  3. Choose an appointment type
  4. Schedule an in-person/virtual appointment with Ozzy or one of our other career consultants!

PhD Resources

The graduate student affinity page provides PhD specific resources:

1. Writing a Teaching Philosophy for the Academic Job Market

2. Writing a Research Statement for Faculty Job Applications

3. Imagine PhD

4. MyIDP

5. Graduate Career Consortium (GCC)

HigherEd Resources

Higher Education resources are also provided on the graduate student affinity page including Inside HigherEd, Chronicle of HigherEducation, and HigherEd Jobs.

Check out this blog post on Higher Education specific resources/utilizing these resources: Staying Organized: Utilizing HigherEdJobs and Your Own Job Search Tracker

Networking Resources

Networking is one of the most effective ways to secure full-time job positions, exchange stories, and share advice among academic and professional communities. Some useful networking sites for graduate students include Academia.Edu for sharing academic research, ResearchGate for scientific research, and LinkedIn for making professional connections.

The Fleishman Center offers Morning Coffee Chats centered on graduate student specific topics. Use Handshake to sign up for these excellent networking events! Making a Building and Maintaining Your Professional Network career counseling appointment is another great way to enhance your networking strategies.

Teaching Resources

Yale’s Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning provides strategies for teaching and Binghamton University’s Center for Teaching and Learning provides services including educational communications, university testing center, and instructional design services.

Professional Development Resources

The Graduate School has implemented a series of workshops and programs for the professional development of graduate students at each stage of their graduate journeys Professional Development for Graduate Students. The Graduate Community of Scholars offers resources and workshops designed to help the graduate community.

Career Resources

  • Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development
  • HireBing: HireBing provides the opportunity for graduate students to connect with Binghamton alumni and employers, apply for internships and jobs, and utilize Fleishman Center resources
  • Mentor Match: Create a MentorMatch account to grow your professional network
  • Big Interview: Online platform to help you practice interview questions through video, also provides instructional videos and sample interview questions and answers
  • CareerShift: Make a CareerShift account and manage your job search all in one location!

The Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development provides countless resources and opportunities for graduate students at every stage of their graduate school career. Taking advantage of these resources and utilizing professional staff and your network to guide you will go a long way!

By Christina Cardona
Christina Cardona