From Teaching to Tech and Thriving Post-Layoff with Maideli Garcia

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From Teaching to Tech and Thriving Post-Layoff with Maideli Garcia was originally published on The First Gen Coach.

In this episode, I chat with Maideli Garcia, a financial educator and former teacher who transitioned to the tech sector by leveraging her transferable skills. Maideli shares how she knew it was time to transition careers, the steps she took to get there, the setbacks that she faced along the way, and how she took care of her mental health in her job search journey. We also discussed the importance of talking about personal finance and careers together, since they are so intertwined and influence each other in multiple ways.

About today’s guest:

Maideli is a Latina money coach helping women of color and first-gens save, invest, and earn more without sacrificing joy. She got her BA in Elementary Education, and has taught in public, private, and international settings. After experiencing burnout, Maideli pivoted out of teaching and into the tech space as a Learning Experience Designer. She now works remotely and has more energy and time to commit to her business while prioritizing her holistic health. Maideli has broken generational cycles by educating herself, family, friends, and clients to get their finances in order and build wealth while living in alignment.

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