Intern Spotlight: Luis Ramón, Explore Intern at Microsoft

Introducing incoming third-year computer science major, Luis Ramón! Luis is spending his summer as an Explore Intern at the Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, WA, working in software engineering and product management. We asked Luis some questions about his internship experience and here’s what he shared.

1. What is your major/program and year at Binghamton and what clubs/activities are you involved in?

      I am a third-year undergraduate student at Binghamton University, majoring in computer science. Outside of my academics, I am involved in the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) Binghamton Chapter and ColorStack at Binghamton University.

      2. Where are you interning this summer and what is your position title?

        I am interning at Microsoft this summer as an Explore Intern, working in software engineering and product management.

        3. What are some of your responsibilities as an intern?

          As an intern, my main responsibility is to collaborate with my pod-mates, two other Explore interns, in building a robust, efficient systematic framework for our team. This project not only impacts our immediate team but also benefits other higher-level organizations. Additionally, my pod-mates and I are responsible for regularly communicating our progress, issues, and ideas to our manager and our development and product management mentors. This ensures continuous improvement and keeps everyone on the same page. Lastly, I am dedicated to learning as much as I can from my manager, mentors and pod-mates to expand my knowledge and technical skills in this enriching environment.

          4. What has been the most challenging part of your internship, and what has been the most exciting?

            The most challenging part of my internship was setting up my devices and development environment. Although the documentation was helpful, I encountered many technical issues that took longer than expected to resolve. On the other hand, the most exciting moment of my internship was meeting and connecting with fellow interns across the Microsoft campus. Whether it was after-work volleyball at one of the courts, in the various “neighborhoods” (office spaces) of my office building, or in one of the Xbox rooms in Building 121, these interactions have been incredibly rewarding.

            5. What skills are you learning at your internship?

              I am gaining hands-on experience with Python programming, particularly in writing DAG files for Apache Airflow to automate workflows. Additionally, I am improving my teamwork and communication skills through regular communications with my manager and mentors. These interactions have taught me to convey progress, address concerns, and share ideas constructively. 

              6. What is the most important lesson you have learned at your internship?

                The most important lesson I have learned in my internship is documenting your work and progress each week. Documentation is helpful for 1-to-1 meetings with your manager and gives you an insight to the progress you are making in your project and at your internship.

                7. How have your experiences and coursework at Binghamton University prepared you for your internship?

                  I would say learning to manage my time, especially for development-related projects, has been helpful in preparing me for my internship.

                  8. How is this experience shaping your career goals?

                    As an Explore Intern, I am gaining experience in both software engineering and product management. This exposure allows me to understand the responsibilities and work involved in each field, helping me to determine what I enjoy and envision myself doing in my long-term career post-graduation. I am leaning towards pursuing a career in software engineering as I am enjoying the software development process at my internship.

                    9. What is your best piece of internship-related advice to give to other students?

                      Feedback makes your internship experience. You will receive feedback that may be both positive and constructive. While constructive feedback can be challenging to hear, use that feedback to further improve your work and grow professionally. Embrace the learning opportunity, stay open to constructive criticism, and actively seek ways to apply the advice given to you. Remember, internships are a time for growth and development, so make the most of every piece of feedback to enhance your skills and knowledge.

                      By Valerie Stracquadanio
                      Valerie Stracquadanio Senior Experience Consultants