Affinity Communities

Affinity groups are based on a shared identity or common goal to enhance community and networking among members of underserved student populations.  

Our intention with these pages is to:

  • Foster community and inclusion through mentors, allies, and peers

  • Advocate for programs and events to meet the needs of underserved student populations, such as: student-centered career consulting and events, our JCPenney Suite-Up event, Runway to Career Success Fashion Show, funds to support internships, Diversity Roundtables, Multicultural Career Fair Flip, and the B-Money Smart financial wellness programming

  • Increase awareness of marginalized group’s perspectives and concerns

*We recognize the intersectionality of individual identities and recommend that you join any affinity group that you identify with to connect to networks and explore helpful resources. 

Job Tips for International Students During & Post-Coronavirus Pandemic

If you are an international student studying in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia or any other country, this may not be an exciting time for you. For any international student graduating in 2020 or 2021, one thing is sure that the …

By Alicia Hibbard
Alicia Hibbard
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8 Best Job Searching and Career Websites for People of Color

From the employee who dreams about landing an executive role at a company but notices a lack of diversity in the C-suite to the entrepreneurs struggle to get funding for their startup—when it comes to career advancement, people of color face …

By Alicia Hibbard
Alicia Hibbard
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What Is a First-Generation College Student?

Schools and counselors often define “first-generation” college students differently.
Many first-generation students are underprivileged and struggle to graduate.
The first major hurdle for prospective first-gen college students is the application process.

The definition of a first-generation college student remains debatable. …

By Alicia Hibbard
Alicia Hibbard
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“Safezones” and the LGBTQ+ College Experience

At 15, I was outed to everyone at my high school: I told three girls I was close to that I’d kissed a boy, and in less than a week, three people became 300. I pretended everyone didn’t know, but …

By Alicia Hibbard
Alicia Hibbard
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