Career Champions

A Career Champion is a Binghamton University staff or faculty member who has been nominated by a student for playing a pivotal role in their personal and professional growth. Career Champs are those individuals who have helped students to:

  • Explore career options
  • Network with other professionals in students’ fields of interest
  • Apply for graduate school/provide support
  • Connect with employers for jobs or internships
  • Interview for internships and/or jobs
  • Gain necessary technical and professional skills needed in the workplace
  • Learn industry knowledge and tips

Each year, Career Champion nominees are invited to the annual Career Champions Breakfast where they will be honored and celebrated for empowering students to identify and reach their career goals or solidify future plans.

History and additional information

The Fleishman Center has been recognizing Career Champions since 2015. Learn more about this tradition and why Career Champions are so important to our mission to support all students.

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What is the Career Champions Breakfast?

The Fleishman Center launched the first annual Career Champions Breakfast in 2015. Every year, 100+ Career Champions gather together for a time of celebration, food and reflection. Career Champions are also invited to invite a special guest from their department or another colleague to join in the festivities.  If you have received an invitation to the Career Champions Breakfast,  we hope you feel honored that a student has gone out of their way to recognize you for the impact you have made on their life!

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Why was the Career Champions initiative created?

As a Career Champion, you are now part of a growing movement to integrate career exploration and readiness into all parts of University life – from the classroom to extracurricular activities. Research shows that in order to close the gap in career mobility for minoritized and first-generation college students, we need to create pathways to reach all students with career awareness. We especially need to reach students with limited social capital, as well as those who have not yet gained career and academic clarity or mentorship. This means that collaboration with colleagues like you is essential!

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Previous Career Champions

Read more about previous nominees.


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