Community Engaged Learning Courses: Exploring Education and Human Services

A great way to gain credits and learn more about yourself is to enroll in a service-learning or community-engaged learning course. The courses I have taken provided the opportunity to explore education and human services through coursework and volunteer experiences. …

By Maya Tierney
Maya Tierney Student Director of Programming, Senior Peer Consutant
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Tips for Human Services and Education Informational Interviews

A great way to gain knowledge and network is through conducting informational interviews. Find someone who has a position you would like to have one day or is in a field you are interested in pursuing. Even if they are …

By Maya Tierney
Maya Tierney Student Director of Programming, Senior Peer Consutant
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Finding a Job at a College

“Many of us have fond memories of college life and entertain fantasies of getting back to campus for a job. Colleges offer a high quality work environment for many employees. Campuses are often situated in beautiful settings and offer an …

By Jordan Smith
Jordan Smith Senior Career Consultant
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Launch a Career of Impact with Teach for America!

Are you passionate about dismantling educational inequity and eager to work with students? Attend these sessions to learn more about a rewarding career with Teach for America!
Apply for the 2022 Teach For America
Are you a junior looking to …
By Lexie Avery, MS '15
Lexie Avery, MS '15 Senior Associate Director, Student Engagement and Career Readiness
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Commonly Asked Education & Human Services Interview Questions

Use this resource as a guide through interviewing, specifically related to the Education & Human Services career cluster. Remember to …

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