Education & Human Services

The EDUCATION & HUMAN SERVICES career cluster focuses on careers that utilize interpersonal skills, communication skills and an interest in contributing to the good of society, as well as an interest in working with others. Explore opportunities in teaching, counseling, public administration, nonprofit management, social work, or civil service.

Take the first step towards a career of social impact

Explore the Teach For America blog, The Fuse, and discover professional development and career advice through a lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Immerse yourself in new ways of thinking about how you will lead when you graduate from college …

By Lindsey Murtland
Lindsey Murtland Senior Associate Director of Employer Engagement and Partnerships
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Current Opportunities to Improve the Health & Lives of Others Through Rural Health Service Corps!

Do you have a passion for helping others and an interest in health-related topics? Then consider checking out the great opportunities offered through Rural Health Service Corps! You will be able to help communities within the following areas: health access …

By Jordan Smith
Jordan Smith Senior Career Consultant
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Finding a Mentor through Mentor Match

Finding a Mentor through Mentor Match

How many of you have a mentor? When I started college, I wasn’t exactly sure what a mentor even was. Now, I understand how valuable a mentor can be for exploring career options. Being …

By Lexie Avery, MS '15
Lexie Avery, MS '15 Senior Associate Director, Student Engagement and Career Readiness
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How I Stay Active in Evaluating my Career Options

As a sophomore at Binghamton University, a resource that I learned about from the Fleishman Center that has helped me think about my career goals is Candid Career.

For those reading this that might be unfamiliar with Candid Career, I …

By Kaitlyn Ip
Kaitlyn Ip Student Career Influencer
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Search through a social-impact job board and find ways to make an impact in your community.

Browse job openings at nonprofits, foundations, and other higher education institutions.

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