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The ENGINEERING & IT career cluster focuses on careers that utilize technology and programming to solve complex problems and drive innovation. Explore opportunities in engineering, data analytics, programming, and technology development.

5 Tech Jobs that Don’t Require Any Coding

Tech companies routinely grace lists of the best places to work… which is great if you already work at one of these firms.

But if you’re outside the tech world looking in, you might start to wonder whether there’s a …

By Break Into Tech
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TD Securities announces new “First Look” program

TD Securities First Look: Sales & Trading Women’s Program is an opportunity that provides female participants exposure to the Global Markets business. Freshmen and Sophomore students from both STEM and non-STEM backgrounds are welcome. Selected participants are given the chance …

By Lindsey Murtland
Lindsey Murtland Senior Associate Director of Employer Engagement and Partnerships
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10 Taylor Swift Lyrics to Inspire Your Interview Preparation

Taylor Swift’s rise to stardom may seem like a whirl-wind dream, but fans know that she would never have won those 11 Grammys without putting in the hard work. In interviews, Swift has talked about the experiences that shaped her …

By Madeline Timerman
Madeline Timerman Senior Peer Consultant
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Harvard WECode Conference 2023

Attend the largest student-run Women in Tech conference in the world happening February 18 -19 at Harvard University! A weekend event encouraging undergraduate women to explore tech, cultivate networks, and learn what the world of tech has to offer.

Build …

By Lindsey Murtland
Lindsey Murtland Senior Associate Director of Employer Engagement and Partnerships
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