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The ENGINEERING & IT career cluster focuses on careers that utilize technology and programming to solve complex problems and drive innovation. Explore opportunities in engineering, data analytics, programming, and technology development.

Exploring Careers In Technology 101: 3 Careers to Consider In Your Search!

Exploring Careers In Technology 101: 3 Careers to Consider In Your Search!

Technology is a rapid and growing industry, captivating students across the globe to pursue careers in the field. The continuous advancements within this career industry have created  many …

By Kailyn Lukaszewski
Kailyn Lukaszewski Senior Peer Consultant
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Explore careers in the Engineering & IT Industry using Labor Market Insights

Exploring career opportunities in the Engineering & IT field can be hard – especially if you don’t know where to start! 

We’re excited to introduce a new Job Market Insights tool to get specific industry statistics to help you as …

By Lindsey Murtland
Lindsey Murtland Senior Associate Director of Employer Engagement and Partnerships
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How to Negotiate Your Salary with Accuracy: Job Market Insights Tool

Salary negotiations can be difficult—especially when you’re not sure what your salary expectations should be in the first place. Sometimes LinkedIn estimations are inconsistent, sometimes Glassdoor can only give you insights in “low confidence.” If you’re applying to both remote …

By Calista Requijo
Calista Requijo Marketing Graduate Assistant
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What I Learned From My Part-Time Job

During the 2021 Fall semester, my first semester enrolled in graduate school, I had a part-time job working for Aldi. This was not the first time I had needed to balance a major commitment with my schoolwork–I was extremely involved …

By Emily Ziemba
Emily Ziemba Career Engagement Graduate Assistant
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