The EXPLORING career cluster focuses on career exploration and self-discovery through exposure to a diverse array of career field information, career exploration events, and opportunities to connect with alumni and employers from a variety of fields.

How My Career Uncertainty Led to Valuable Career Exploration

During my time at Binghamton University, I have been exploring various career options. I entered college as an engineering major, and a few weeks into classes, I recognized that engineering was not for me. I became unsure of what I …

By Billie Finn
Billie Finn Student Employment Intern
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I want a career that helps…

In my work as a career consultant, I hear students quite frequently expressing their interest in pursuing a career that helps people. ‘Helping people’ isn’t necessarily a career field but instead, it is the way in which we do our …

By Lexie Avery, MS '15
Lexie Avery, MS '15 Senior Associate Director, Student Engagement and Career Readiness
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6 Hits And Misses From My Post-Graduation Job Search

Transitioning into the workforce after completing my 3-2 B.A. in Philosophy, Politics, and Law – Master’s in Public Administration program at BU was one of the most terrifying–and exciting–times in my career. To paraphrase my advisor at the time, Professor …

By Corey Hankinson
Corey Hankinson
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5 Ways to Prioritize Your Exploration from a Success Coach

It’s Fall semester and you have been on campus for almost a month. This could be your first time venturing out on your own or you may be a seasoned professional of the early semester hustle. Either way, you feel …

By Lauren Morris
Lauren Morris
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