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The Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development provides a wide range of services and resources to support the unique and complex needs of Binghamton University graduate students. From exploring a wide variety of career options, to helping you leverage your advanced skills and subject expertise, to crafting and implementing targeted job search strategies, Fleishman Center staff will foster your growth and professional development.

Data Professionals Are in High Demand—Here Are 8 Jobs You Should Consider

Are you looking for a career with a significant amount of potential and opportunity in 2021 (and beyond)? If so, one career path you’ll definitely want to explore is data and analytics.

According to the World Economic Forum’s The Future …

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oSTEM: The Newest Watson Organization

This year the Watson clubs and organizations community has gained a new member: Binghamton oSTEM (Out in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Rooted in engineering development, oSTEM provides resources focused on LGBTQ+ students who seek to progress professionally within industries …

By James Caracciolo
James Caracciolo Senior Peer Consultant
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The Best Jobs and Career Advice for Communications Majors

Looking for a short read that highlights key areas of information for a communications major? Then take a look at this article published through Glassdoor and learn about the following things:

Skills for Communications Majors
Where to Begin Your Career …

By Jordan Smith
Jordan Smith Senior Career Consultant
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Careers in Art History

Careers in Art History

If you are studying art history as an undergraduate student, you have many options available to you after graduation that will utilize the skills you’ve acquired as an arts student. There are so many directions you …

By Leann Krahn
Leann Krahn
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Big Interview

Online interview practice platform that allows you to respond to interview questions through video.
Simply respond to interview questions through …

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