How To Get Credit For Your Internship! CDCI 395 Info Session

Learn about how your internship during the fall semester can help you earn college credit! CDCI 395 is a course that students in any major can take along with an internship to get upper level course credit. The course is implemented by the Fleishman Career Center.CDCI 395 is an online, asynchronous seminar course taught through Brightspace. Each week, students will be assigned readings, discussions, and activities designed to teach important skills that will give them an advantage when looking for a full-time career. The course teaches students leadership skills, the power of networking, professionalism, teamwork, equity/ inclusion in the workplace, and how to enhance your critical thinking abilities all while reflecting on your internship. Students can enroll in 2, 4, or 8 credits based on the number of hours you complete at your internship.

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