Bert Mitchell Minority Management Organization (BMMMO)


Group type: Student Association Organizations



The Bert Mitchell Minority Management Organization (BMMMO) is a pre professional organization designed to address the needs of underrepresented students interested in various business disciplines; and promote the development of skills and talents central to successful careers in the future. B.M.M.M.O. was founded in 1981, on the Binghamton University Campus by Anthony Kendall, who is currently the CEO of Mitchell and Titus, LLP.
We hold seminars, and workshops, as well as recruit professional speakers from all business fields in order to execute our mission. One of our paramount events for the year is attending the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA) conference. The NABA conference helps prepare students for a future in corporate America. The conference consists of a four-day weekend packed with networking with hundreds of professionals and students in the business field, while enhancing job-searching opportunities.
In addition, we partake in numerous community service events, and host an annual banquet where students receive the opportunity to network with Binghamton alumni, while enjoying themselves with dinner and entertainment.
The objective of the Bert Mitchell Minority Management Organization is to address the needs of minority students interested in the various management disciplines and to promote the skills and characteristics central to successful careers within these disciplines.



– To develop leadership and soft skills through our variety of workshops and mentoring program.
– To successfully equipped students with the knowledge and skills needed to pursue their career goals.
– To create networking opportunities to connect members with professionals and recruiters of diverse companies.
– To implement community service opportunities to create connections with the student body and the surrounding community.
– To encourage minority entrepreneurship, leadership and excellence within the business profession.
– To act as both an academic and social support group for minority students who are interested in the various management disciplines.
– To provide useful advice and counsel to minority students interested in transferring into the school of management.