Binghamton University Finance Society

The Finance Society is a student group at Binghamton University with the purpose of helping our members learn about careers in finance, technical finance, and how to network. We teach these skills to our members to help them pursue careers in front office finance. Students gain these skills and get these opportunities through our competitions, weekly workshops, and guest speaker events.

Case Competitions: We host the Silver Lane Advisors Mergers & Acquisitions Case Competition in the Fall and the Equity Research Competition in the Spring. These competitions are great ways to gain front office finance experiences and interact with influential alumni in the industry.

Weekly Workshops: We hold twice-a-week workshops that cover a variety of topics. During our competitions we cover technical finance topics, including valuation methods, stock screening, and strategic management. Outside of the competition we host workshops covering careers in finance, how to craft your resume, cover letter, and how to network effectively.

Finance Society Speaker Series: Through virtual or in-person sessions, Finance Society members have the opportunity to hear and learn from prominent alumni. This is a great setting to practice your networking skills, and to gain valuable industry knowledge.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please click the “Join” button on the top right of this page to be added to our listserv. If you are interested in our competitions, please visit the “M&A Case Competition” or “Equity Research Competition” pages.