NY Public Interest Research Group


Group type: Student Association Organizations



The New York Public Interest Research Group’s unique mission is to give students an array of extracurricular activities and opportunities to participate in important public policy discussions, through which they can learn a wide range of valuable skills, contributing to a well-rounded educational experience.
This hands-on approach teaches students skills that make them more active members of their community, enhances their academic experience, and prepares them for successful entry into the workforce.
Students across the state at NYPIRG’s campus chapters, including NYPIRG’s Student Board of Directors, have made tangible contributions on the issues of civic engagement, higher education funding, consumer rights, environmental protection, mass transit, and homelessness. Since 1973, NYPIRG has provided a unique service of supplementary learning and provided countless students with an enriching and rewarding experience.



Our goals as an organization are to better educate and activate the student body and local community, bringing to light relevant issues that affect our day to day lives. We host food drives, debates, educational panels, petition and letter writing campaigns, and more to positively change our campus, greater Binghamton area, and state. We run several different campaigns to focus on these issues, including environmental justice, hunger and homelessness prevention, civic engagement, consumer protection and higher education access.