Pipe Dream


Group type: Student Association Organizations



Founded in 1946 as The Colonial News at what was then known as Triple Cities College, Pipe Dream is the oldest and largest student group at Binghamton University. Pipe Dream is published independently by an Executive Board composed entirely of undergraduate students, without the supervision or assistance of an adviser. Pipe Dream prints issues on Mondays and Thursdays during the semester, and publishes content — including breaking news — on its website, bupipedream.com, throughout the week. Pipe Dream is open to all Binghamton University students, and no prior experience is necessary to join our team. Binghamton University students may join any of Pipe Dream’s sections, including News, Sports, Opinions, Arts & Culture, Fun, Copy, Design, Photography, Illustration, Digital, Business and Newsroom Technology.



Pipe Dream aims to provide accurate, timely information about Binghamton University’s campus and the local community. It highlights student voices and offers a space for discussion of campus, local, state and national issues. In working to inform the student body of Binghamton University, as well as the larger community, Pipe Dream also seeks to provide undergraduate students with an opportunity to gain experience in a variety of newsroom roles.