Career Guide: Resumes, Cover Letters, Networking, Job/Internship Search, Interviewing & CV’s

Learn how to write an effective resume/CV, create a cover letter, network, and develop a job/internship search strategy!

Transferable Skills Guide

Transferable skills are essential for success in any occupation. Learn how to identify and hone your own transferable skills.

Resume Writing Guide

Learn how to format and write a strong resume, as well as view some examples of well written resumes.

Curriculum Vitae Guide

Learn how to create a curriculum vitae (CV), a concise overview of your educational and scholarly background and accomplishments.

Learn what it’s like to work within an industry, company, or profession and review career advice on various topics.

How to Use VMock to Improve Your Resume or CV – Video

Learn best practices on how to incorporate VMock’s suggestions and feedback to help improve your resume or CV.

Creating an Eye-Catching Curriculum Vitae (CV) – Video

Learn how to create a compelling and impactful CV that emphasizes your skills, relevant experiences, and accomplishments.

Resume Basics and Best Practices – Video

Learn how to draft a strong resume that effectively highlights your skills, experiences and accomplishments.