Utilizing LinkedIn

Professional networking is a critical tool for career success, and LinkedIn is the premier tool for connecting with people worldwide. Individuals at all stages of career exploration and development should leverage the power of LinkedIn to:

  • Explore what careers people pursued with their majors/degrees
  • Reach out to alumni and other professionals in interesting occupations and ask about conducting informational interviews
  • Find out where others completed their advanced study and inquire about their student experience
  • Prepare for conferences by connecting with presenters or attendees in advance
  • Join groups (such as the Binghamton Alumni Association Professional Network) and interact with or connect to other group members
  • Search for internships and job postings
  • Research organizations in preparation for interviews

Maximize your LinkedIn experience by building a strong profile, with a professional-looking photo and a thoughtful and complete summary and involvement history. Enhance your profile using these online resources , and watch for LinkedIn programming and photo booths sponsored by the Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development throughout the fall and spring semesters.