VMock is our free online resume/CV review platform that provides instant, personalized feedback to help improve your document!
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After uploading your document, VMock will provide instant and personalized feedback with line-by-line suggestions. The VMock platform will provide you with:

  • Detailed feedback on your presentation and formatting so you can create a document that not only reads well, but also looks professional
  • Actionable and targeted feedback to that will help you create a more powerful document
  • Insights on how to strengthen your document so you can make the most of your next career consultation

The VMock platform assesses components such as action verbs, format, and how well the 5 core competencies (analytical, communication, leadership, teamwork and initiative) are reflected in your document. Using a scoring system, VMock will analyze the strength of your resume or CV and place it in either a green, yellow or red zone, and then provides recommendations on how you can achieve green zone status. After making the suggested edits, students are encouraged to meet with Fleishman Center staff for additional feedback and to finalize their document so they can move to the next level in their career action plans.

To get started, head to vmock.com/binghamton and login with your pods username and password. After selecting a school and academic discipline, simply upload your current resume or CV in PDF format and click ‘show feedback’ for instant suggestions. Edit your document to incorporate the recommendations from VMock. If you do not yet have a resume or CV, you can download a number of templates once logged into VMock by clicking on “Templates” to help you create your first draft.

Please note: You can upload your document for feedback a maximum of 10 times/year, so be sure to make all of your edits prior to uploading a revised document. Additionally, while Vmock will score your resume based on best-practices in resumes, the goal is not for each student to get a 100% score. The goal is to get a green zone score.

If you have any questions about VMock, please contact the Fleishman Center at careers@binghamton.edu.

1. How do I login to VMock?
To get started, head to vmock.com/binghamton and login with your pods username and password.

2. I made all of the edits VMock suggested, but I still do not have a 100% score. Why is that?
While Vmock will score your resume based on best-practices in resumes, the goal is not for each student to get a 100% score. The goal is to get a green zone score.

3. VMock gave me a green zone score, but I was not offered an interview to the position I applied to. Why not?
Using VMock does not guarantee that you will receive an interview or job offer. To best qualify for a position, it is essential that you have the right background, skills, and passion for that position. The VMock scored resume is the first step in a successful application process. There are many factors in a hiring decision that we may not know, such as how competitive the rest of the applicant pool was for that position. This is a good time to assess what skills you would like to develop further to compete at a higher level and work toward developing them. Fleishman Center staff can help you to explore this area further.

4. What is the difference between “System Feedback” and “Targeted Feedback”?
System Feedback breaks down your resume score into three categories: Impact, Presentation, and Competency– each graded on a scale of 0 to 30. The quality of your resume in each category is based on a color system: Green indicates a high score, yellow means there is some room for improvement, and red means a lot of work is needed.

Targeted Feedback function allows you to scan the resume bullet-by-bullet and make specific changes to maximize that bullet’s value. By bullet, you receive feedback on topics such as the use of action verbs, bullet length, and specifics.

5. What do the Impact, Presentation, and Competencies scores mean?

  • The Impact category measures how effectively you articulate your experience to grab a recruiter’s attention.
  • The Presentation category assesses its readability and overall organization.
  • The Competency category examines how well you showcase five major transferable skills (analysis, communication, leadership, teamwork, and initiative) through your experience.

6. Is there a limit to how many times a student can upload a resume to VMock for review?
Students may upload a maximum of 10 resumes for review per year.

7. I tried to upload my resume, but I received an error message. What did I do wrong?
To successfully upload your resume to VMock, it must

  • be in PDF form. (If you have trouble converting your Microsoft Word resume into PDF, you can use this free website: pdfonline.com/convert-pdf)
  • not be password or copyright protected
  • not contain a cover letter
  • not include any graphic content
  • be only 1 page in length. Note: students in certain programs, such as Harpur sciences and graduate students can upload a multi-page CV or resume.

8. Can I edit the uploaded resume within VMock?
No, you cannot edit your resume within VMock. Instead, VMock can be used as a reference while you make changes in Microsoft Word or a similar program. Once you are satisfied with the updates to your resume, you should re-upload your updated version and receive a new score.