How to Find a Mentor with Informational Interviews

Watson alumnus, Dominick Morrone, emphasizes the importance of mentors


That was what Dominick Morrone ‘20, ‘21 said he couldn’t have landed his current role without during a recent informational interview in which he offered brief insights on his career. He emphasized the importance of seeking help from “those who’ve already been through the path [he’s] looking to follow . . . and hearing their stories.”

This path has led Dominick through both a master’s and bachelor’s degree in Industrial and System’s Engineering at Binghamton’s Watson School of Engineering, and to his current role as a Process Improvement Engineer at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. In this role, Morrone finds it incredibly rewarding to constantly overcome challenges and provide consulting solutions in the Healthcare Operations space.

Dominick’s path has also led him to become a mentor in his own right. His advice may help those studying engineering or healthcare at Binghamton, as well as students who are still exploring different fields but are interested in providing technical, data-driven solutions. He encourages students to “get a solid grasp on data and how data can benefit organizations,” and has great expertise in the tools one can use to achieve these goals.

Though reaching out for such mentorship and exploring opportunities might seem intimidating, Dominick urges students, “Don’t sweat the small stuff . . . It’s all about the journey, not the destination . . . Focus on one day at a time.”

Even though my interview with Dominick was brief, it was really insightful and allowed me to learn more about a field that I wasn’t too familiar with. It also created a connection that I know I can rely on in the future if I ever need more help and guidance.

The questions that I asked Dominick included:

  • What is most challenging about your job?
  • What is most rewarding about it?
  • What is something you couldn’t have landed the role without?
  • What are other tools students in this field should look into?
  • What professional advice would you give to your college self?

For more sample questions and tips for informational interviewing, check out this blog post. There are countless alumni who share not only Dominick’s success, but his openness to helping students through the professional development challenges that he once faced. You can easily connect with them through the Mentor Match program, establish strong relationships, and find great learning and professional opportunities.

By Calista Requijo
Calista Requijo Marketing Graduate Assistant